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Booking Promo Code 10% to 40%

booking promo code 10

Save up to 40% for every Booking Reservation

Is the best option to make a reservation? is no more the cheeper website to make a reservation! You can save from 10% to 40% with Travel Advantage reservations. Travel Advantage is an ETOA (European Tourism Association) Partner, made to be leader on web reservations.


If you want to get a booking promo code with Travel Advantage you have to be invited to the platform. You can get an invite here, it’s totally free. The codes are limited amount so hurry up ๐Ÿ™‚

What happen when I sign up with the Booking Promo Code?

Now you can start using Travel Advantage, just like you do with

booking promo code 10

Whenever you find an accommodation you’ll see a discount on average price from 10% to 40%. Same condition, lower price!

booking 10

This is an example: on average a week in LUX South Ari Maldive resort (all inclusive in a overwater room) is $2600, but you save $890 (35%) and reserve it for only $1710. Every accommodation on Travel Advantage let you save at least 5%.


Should I trust Travel Advantage? Travel Advantage is a European Tourism Association Partner from 2019. Thousands of people travels with Travel Advantage every month.

Can I use the code for every reservation? The code is the only way to get access to Travel Advantage platform, you use the code to sign in and you’ll get discount on every reservation you make.

I can’t find the hotel i want on Travel Advantage…
Travel Advantage is a new platform and it’s growing fast, you can probably find on the map a better hotel for a lower price.

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